Hi I’m Pearl and welcome to my blog!


Firstly, I’m thrilled that you’re here and I am honored to have a little bit of your time as I share a bit of my life and passions with you.

So, let me tell you a little bit about myself…

My full name is Pearl Walters, I am twenty-something years old and I come from the East Sepik Province of Papua New Guinea. I was born and am living in Port Moresby, which is the capital city. I am currently taking a gap year from college where I majored in Graphic Design at Pensacola Christian College, FL U.S.A (so you can say I have some college level design experience). Although I will be pursuing a new major this coming Fall 2017, I always have time for design and art. Aside from blogging and art, I am currently working as a Creative Media Officer. My hobbies include reading (a long list of books I said to read months ago!), writing (mostly fiction and poetry), going on ministry trips with my parents, photography, going on hikes and outdoor adventures.

I am the youngest in a family of five and my parents are pastors and have been for more than thirty-five years. I was raised in a Christian home and that has shaped who I am today. That is also why this is a faith based lifestyle blog and why my posts are Biblically inspired.


Some Fun Facts about me:

  1. I own at least 20 + pairs of shoes (and the number is growing).
  2. I love the color turquoise and mint green (can’t decide between those two).
  3. I would love to work and live in New York City one day (um, who wouldn’t?).
  4. I come from a country of 800+ tribal languages and I can only speak two (one not so fluently – so don’t know if that counts hah!)
  5. I am secretly afraid of the sea (not a secret anymore now)
  6. I would love to run cross country to represent my country one day
  7. I love to read historical fiction books about war and politics
  8. I usually write blog posts between 12 am and 3 am (weird, I know).
  9. I am currently obsessed with coconut-based products and am always on the lookout for new organic recipes to try.
  10. If I had my own dog, I’ll name him Cobalt after Veronica’s horse from the Saddle Club, all you 90s kids would know what I’m talking about.
  11. I cry to Michael Jacksons’ songs.
  12. I love oreos (used to dislike them) – my fave way to eat it is dunked in milk.
  13. I love long romantic walks down to the makeup aisle (what girl doesn’t?)



Ever since I started reading blogs I wanted to do one. Blogging to me was the perfect avenue to share my creativity, passions and my thoughts about different issues.

I also had a lot of encouragement from my friends and family to put my creative abilities to use so doing a blog was a perfect fit. On that note, I’d like to acknowledge a few people that have been supportive of me and instrumental in getting my blog up on its newborn feet.


  1. My Big Sister Sonia Grace

Sonia is the middle child and she puts up with a lot of crap from the older two before her and younger two after her (but its good crap by the way!). I think I got my eye for art, design and creativity from her. She has the best tastes in art, design, music and food. She’s the coolest, wisest person I know and I love and admire her. Being the creative person she is, she’s always encouraging me to pursue my love for design and all things artsy. She took money from her savings to help me start this blog. So my blog wouldn’t be online without her!

  1. My other two sisters

To Nadia and Jemima, they are such phenomenal women and I’m blessed to call them my sisters. They always encourage me to pursue what I love. Jemima gave me my first actual DSLR Camera. She knew how much I love photography and I didn’t have a camera for my photography class back in college so she sent me a Canon 100D! Since then my love for photography has grown and having a good camera has really helped me to post quality material. She has such a big heart and is always so supportive.

To my eldest sister Nadia, who is like my second mom and my role model. She is also very creative person and encourages me to pursue my gifts. She knew how hard it could be to get good reliable Internet in PNG so she offered to help me out by giving me her modem to use. The struggle is real people, internet in PNG is not fast or efficient! (Okay I just needed to get that off my chest)!

3. To my best friends

Samantha – who’s always there to hear me out and through out high school puts up with my habits of collecting pictures about fashion, craft and is supportive of my blogging (she calls it random crap!). To Sangiawi, who’s always there to lend an ear and give me ideas and suggestions for almost everything and anything!


Last but not the least, to my parents who always support my creative habits. They let me ruin the newly painted walls in the house year after year when I put up pictures in my room with tape (cause back then I didn’t know what blu-tack was!) and today I still ruin the walls with my cheap DIY floating shelves. They let me express myself creatively and always encourage my love for art.

So to you all, THANK YOU! Y’all are the best. Island Heiress Blog wouldn’t be where it is without your big hearts.