Easter Outfit of the Day


Hi ladies,

This post is a first in the style category so it will be fairly short because I want my style posts to have more pictures so they can be a source of inspiration.

Today is Resurrection Sunday when Jesus Christ our Saviour has risen from the dead. As a Believer this is a day to celebrate because we are reminded of the eternal life in Christ that we are part of when we accepted Him (Jesus) into our lives.

On that happy note I decided to wear something that represents joy, life, liberty, freedom and eternal life in God. We women tend to dress according to our mood and as this day is a day of celebration, why not rock bright and bold colors even if you don’t usually wear those colors. Traditionally, during Easter, women wear floral prints or pastel colors.

My outfit today consisted of a knee length floral geometric pastel printed dress, white Steve Madden sandals and this cute basket bag from Milne Bay Province here in PNG.

I love this knee length floral geometric pastel printed dress that I bought at the Second hand. This dress is from Yakapilin Flea Market in Gordons, Port Moresby. Unfortunately, like many other secondhand clothing that we ladies in PNG buy, the tag of the dress was cut off so I don’t know what brand this dress is from. This dress costs K15 and it’s cool and comfortable to wear especially in this hot tropic weather.

I love this basket (bag) from the Milne Bay Province here in PNG. This basket was hand made especially for me from my friend’s mother and I absolutely love it! Shout out to Sine Stephen, thank you for my basket!

Well, that’s it for my first outfit of the day post. If you have favourite a Secondhand that you love to shop at here in Port Moresby then comment below, I’d like to check it out as well!