Product Review “Gras Bilas Cholesterol Hair Treatment”


Product Review

Gras Bilas Nesian Beauty

New Intensive Cholesterol Treatment

With Protein, Aloe Vera and Olive Oil


Hi ladies!


I’ll be reviewing this product that I’ve been using for a few months. It’s the New Intensive Cholesterol Treatment by Gras Bilas Nesian Beauty. Enriched with protein, aloe vera and olive oil.

I first bought this product because I knew my hair needed a good treatment and it was costly going to the salon to get one. I am going natural with my hair so this was the best option on the market so far. I purchased this from Waterfront in the hair and beauty section of the main store. I’ve been using it once a week on my hair for about 3 months and I’ve been seeing results. Here I share some thoughts about cholesterol hair treatments, the benefits of some of the ingredients in this product and the pros and cons.

But first, What is cholesterol treatment?

It is a treatment method you use on your hair to restore moisture when your hair is dehydrated. For me I can tell if my hair needs treatment when it its lacking luster, and it when it generally looks weak and lifeless. There are various methods of cholesterol treatment and in this case, this is the Deep Conditioning treatment. This type of treatment is commonly used at home or by professionals. Basically what it is when you let the hair treatment stay in your hair for eight to ten or even fifteen minutes.

What’s the recommended usage of this product? Nesian Beauty recommends that you use the shampoo with this treatment for better results. So I decided to purchase the shampoo and yes, I got some good results.

So how I used this product? Straight after shampooing my hair with the recommended shampoo, I towel dried my hair. I sectioned my hair into four sections and applied the treatment to my scalp and hair roots. I give extra attention to my scalp and roots. Make sure that your hair is thoroughly covered with the treatment.

You can then wear a plastic cap to cover your hair and let it set for eight to ten minutes. After my hair is set, I rinse with warm water then towel dry. It is then ready to style. You can blow dry your hair if that’s what you prefer.


            So there you go, eazy peazy!




What are the benefits (pros) of this product? The main benefits of this product are the ingredients used in it. In fact I bought this product solely because it has these three ingredients and they are protein, aloe vera and olive oil. They are the common ingredients that aid in hair growth.


Lets look at each main ingredient briefly:

Protein – its logic to assume that if hair is made out of protein, the more protein is applied, the healthier your hair becomes. Protein nourishes and enriches hair growth and increases growth rate.

Aloe Vera – this ingredient is rich in amino acids and protein as well so it’s the best ingredient for healthy hair. It maintains the pH level of your hair and prevents dry itchy scalp.

Olive Oil – We lose hair everyday and new ones grow. Our scalp gets dry and flaky and that can be prevented with the usage of olive oil. This ingredient helps to loosen dandruff and it moisturizes our scalp preparing it for new hair growth.

So this product basically, for natural hair it protects your hair from becoming dry and brittle, whereas for chemically processed hair it aids to strengthen and condition.


What are the negatives (cons) of this product?

I have but one negative comment about this product, it includes parabens. Nowadays there’s been a lot of debate as to why we as women should or should not use products with paraben. Some scientists believe it leads to breast cancer. Well, that’s another story and I don’t know much about that to discuss it any further. But the usage of parabens in beauty and skin products have been around for almost 70 years according to best health mag. For me, I think using paraben-free products are healthier because it contains less chemical preservatives.

If you think this product review was helpful then do comment and let me know your thoughts. If you have suggestions do leave them below!