Things I wish I could say as a Christian, but can’t

I’d like to say life is easy but I can’t cause it’s not.
When I grew up no one told me I had to deal with so many issues.
No one told me the bad days can potentially become ugly.
I’d like to say I’m okay, but I can’t cause I’m not.
I’m human, and humans have flaws. We are all perfectly flawed.
And as long as there’s flaws, we’ll need God.
I’d like to say how you see me is me, but I can’t cause it’s not.
I’m not always perfect, I don’t always have it together and there’s always more to a person than what meets the eye.
I’d like to say being a Christian is easy but I can’t.
You get tried, discouraged and tempted just like anyone else.
In fact cause of your faith, you’re tested even more.
I’d like to say being raised in a Christian home will withstand you from bad behavior but I can’t cause it won’t. Your environment can influence your behavior but in the end it’s up to you to define your destiny.
I’d like to say being born again will make you live forever in this world but I can’t cause it won’t.You will receive a new life but not a physical one.
We must be prepared cause death is inevitable and you either end up in heaven or hell.
I’d like to say I got this but I can’t cause I don’t. I may try countless number of times but still I don’t have it all together. God’s got this for me. And I’d rather it be Him than myself or anyone else.