The Magic of Rain

The magic of rain, we know it but most times ignore it
You know it’s about to rain when there’s a sudden calm
Like everything has suddenly stopped in expectation of a downpour
The dark clouds slowly creep in and the air temperature drops
You know it’s about to rain when there’s a slight coolness around you
You watch as people run for shelter and animals cower out of sight
The leaves on the trees rustle in rhythmic delight as they
earnestly await their drink from the sky
You know it’s about to rain when a tiny water pellet brushes off your skin
The first raindrops start to dance down from the sky
Then you smell the familiar scent of the dry ground being watered after a long time
The warm earthy fragrance saturates the atmosphere around you
Grass turns greener, the color of flowers begin to pop
Standing on the pavement the air is warm as the cool drops soak it down
The dusty streets spring to life with color
Potholes turn into puddles, and soft soil into mud
There’s something magical about rain that we overlook
How it can suddenly change our mood and our surroundings
Thats why I love rain, I can forget about my present reality for a moment
And be at ease at a new reality